Good to know

  • What flagpole size should I have?

Generally, it is recommended that about one third of the flagpole should reach over the roof ridge. Usually the flagpole is about 3-4 meters taller than the house is high.

  • What size should my flagpoletop be?

It is very much about taste and what you prefer, but in order to make the flagpoletop justice, it should not be too small in relation to the flagpole.
For a flagpole of 6-10 meters, a 120mm top is usually the best alternative, while a 150mm top is better for a flagpole of 10-14 meters. If you have a flagpole that is higher than 14 meters, it may be appropriate with a 180mm ball.
Flagpoles shorter than 6 meters should also have a smaller top, preferably 90mm.

  • How is the size of the flagpole top determined? 

The size of the flagpole top refers to the diameter at which the top is the largest. A 120mm bulbshaped top is thus 120mm wide at the waist.

  • What if I am not satisfied with my product?

Bröderna Westermark follow the complaints rules that apply to the EU directive 1999/44 / EC and the Swedish warranty law. In short, this means that:

- The statutory warranty for new and used goods is three years.
- The consumer must report a product error to the seller "within reasonable time". A complaint made within two months is always counted as if done within a reasonable time.
- During the first six months after the sale, it is the seller who must prove that the error did not exist right from the start. Then the burden of proof lies on the consumer.

No compensation is payable for complaints as a result of normal wear and tear and external environmental stress.