Bröderna Westermark



Gold Metallic Top

We have extended our productrange with an alternative to our classic brass top!

This top is coated with a gold metallic coat and protected with a clearcoat in the same way as the brass top.

The gold metallic top is a stunning and priceworthy alternative to the brass top, due to raw material price resistance.

The top is still made in Sweden, with the same process as our original tops and by recyclable metal.

We offer flagpoletops, flagpolesockets and banner bars with a variation of sizes, shapes and colours, custom made for your company.

Welcome to Broderna Westermark.

Broderna Westermark began the production of flagpoletops already in the 1930´s.

Today we are a family owned company located in Karlstad, Sweden and able to proudly present us as one of Europes largest single producers of flagpole tops made by 100% brass and aluminium.

The manufacturing of flagpole tops in metal is to a large extent a handicraft and maintaining a high quality, from shaping of the finial to varnishing for a lasting shine, is our strenght.

Our product line extends from AME original brass and aluminium flagpole tops and flagpole tops in color by choice to sockets in different materials and Banner Bar sets for advertising flags.

Welcome to check out our website and let us know if there is anything that we can do for you and your company.

Marcus Blomqvist

Broderna Westermark